Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Almost Over - Disorganized Post

Good morning - this will be an exceptionally disorganized post. This week feels sort of chaotic and apparently today my blogging will reflect that.

Couple notes of potential interest:

1. Sandy Hook is moving and they are asking for snowflakes to decorate the new school. While I know they were probably thinking more paper, I know some of you crochet as well. I kind of doubt they would turn them down. Please do not write messages on the snow flakes. Think beauty, think peaceful decoration, think glitter...

The Connecticut PTSA is accepting snowflakes until Jan. 12. 2012. Snowflakes can be mailed to the following address:
Connecticut PTSA
60 Connolly Parkway
Building 12, Suite 103
Hamden, Conn., 06514

2. Check out Chocolate Covered Katie's Christmas wrap-up blog post. Mostly because it mixes desserts and dogs, and because although Batman is roughly the size of half of Nim's head, let's just say I WILL be finding that shirt in Nim's size. 

Christmas Day I dealt with some major house cleaning. There was a curtain I have been avoiding because of a large spider I saw on it 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately in the same area I saw a different large spider about a month ago. I know it was a different one because the one a month ago was "dealt with."

I have had a huge spaghetti squash craving for the past few weeks. I found the perfect baked vegan macaroni and cheese style casserole recipe except that King County sold out of raw cashews. (Basically there is a limited amount of places to find them in the first place and I gave up after the first one due to holiday craziness).

Fortunately I found a cashew-free vegan cheese sauce recipe on Delights and Delectables and winged it.The sauce was very good. I added sauteed mushrooms and broccoli and more nutritional yeast and Daiya. My only beef was that spaghetti squash really cooks down so it didn't last long.

It was rainy and windy most of Christmas Day (of course) and Nim was going nuts. I gave him a choice between antler and very large bully stick so I could clean and bake. (Note my sewing area is also currently my research writing area).

He selected the bully stick.

We ended up doing a dark walk that evening when the weather finally broke. I actually enjoy that at this time of the year with all the Christmas lights.

I did NOT get started planning for the New Year's Day Mystery Quilt yet, maybe later in the week...


  1. I'm glad I have a husband around to take care of those spider issues ;-) I knew he was good for something!

    I hope Nim enjoyed his bully stick. Millie doesn't get to enjoy those as we can't stand the smell.


    1. I tell you, Charlie is a keeper. :)

      I am pretty sure that Nim selected the bully stick for the smell...he will enjoy the antler later. I even did the peanut butter trick on the other one!


  2. How touching that is with the snowflakes for Sandy Hook. So sad.

    I'm sure Nim really doesn't need that shirt now, does he? He looks like such a good boy!

    I so feel for you on the spider! I have a huge phobia of roaches. If it's already on its back I have to drown the thing in bug spray, then it takes me at least a few hours to suck it up with the vacuum. I get the ebeejeebies just thinking about it. Another reason I want to move to Alaska :)

    1. He tries to be a good boy. :)

      I loved the snowflake idea. I think it is a great one. I am not going to pretend I can relate to what this event has been like for the kids, but the thought of decorating up their school is a good one. I think everyone wants to help and it is hard to know what to do.

      I think nothing survives in!

  3. I sent off some snowflakes..........thanks for the heads up on that.