Saturday, December 8, 2012

Two Local Events for Sunday, Dec. 9th

A double post day! Two fun holiday local holiday events to talk about.

Also, I walked back into the house late morning to witness this ridiculous situation:

Emile and Leela "sharing" the pellet stove simply doesn't happen. That is Leela's spot. Judging by Leela's awesome expression - which never changed - she was not in a happy place to cope.

Sunday, December 9th Events

Seattle Purebred Rescue's Doberman Group benefit Holiday Pet Photos from 10-3.  
Denny's Pet World Totem Lake, WA
I am so adamant that Nim will be there in Rusty's honor that I made our morning training meet nearby. 100% proceeds benefit Doberman Rescue. There will be dobermans in need of homes there as well. 

Freedom Run Equestrian Center Holiday Bazaar 9am - 6pm. 
Kent, WA
Check out the link, lots of fun stuff. A friend of mine will be one of the vendors there.

(Nim sleeping after his morning swim)


  1. Emile looks more annoyed than Leela, even though it's her spot. Cats are something else, aren't they. I'm listening to my one now yelling at my husband in the other room to pet her.

    Those sound like some great events tomorrow. Will we be seeing a picture of Nim with Santa soon? Enjoy tomorrow!

    I feel like curling up with Nim in that picture. As a matter of fact, I'm getting ready to hit the hay very shortly.

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    1. I am sure Emile thought he could push her out with his girth. For the bigger cat he actually struggles more with the cold. She has like an iron coat of fur. The fleas don't even touch her.

      I am hoping for a photo to share!

      I hope you sleep well.

  2. Nim sure is lucky to have a fun place to go swimming. The cats look like they have come to a truce to stay warm ;-)


    1. I feel lucky to have a place to swim him too. He probably doesn't love it, but it is very good for him.

  3. I love seeing pics of your animals!! I can't wait until we can have animals. :) I hope the event went well today and lots of doggies got new homes! Rescuing dogs is the way to go!!

    1. I agree, I have done both rescue and breeder. Really I need the breeder route when it matter to get the dog from baby...otherwise there is SO many animals in need.