Friday, March 14, 2014

Old Dog Haven

Pascal says good morning. He is the only peppy one this morning. Between the morning darkness (thank you time change) and the rain, this household energy is low.

I am still a Teaching Assistant for several accounting classes and it is nearing quarter end. So usually when I get home from one job it is on to the TA job. Nim hasn't been thrilled about this. This week he has taken to unloading a shelf full of toys and spreading them around the house. We are supposed to have a dog living with us most of May. Maybe Nim will enjoy hanging with her and sharing his toy system.

As usual, I had a hard time deciding which organization I wanted to talk about this Friday. So many I care about. But last night I got the Old Dog Haven newsletter and the decision was made.

If you are local - mark you calendars! The Walk for Old Dogs happens Sunday, July 20th. I don't plan on missing it. It is a fun collection of senior dogs doing their thing. They accept Nim. :) What is crazy is this year by the time the walk happens he will be 4! Not a senior dog yet, but definitely settling in as more of an adult.

I am no where closer to taking in another dog, let alone a senior in need, than I was last year but I love what this organization and their network of homes do. No animals should be in a shelter, but when seniors are surrendered I often find it even more heartbreaking.

"Helping Senior Dogs Live Their Golden Years in a Loving Home" - Old Dog Haven. 

Old Dog Haven is always in need of foster or final refuge homes as well as financial contributions.


  1. Wow, sounds like SUCH a great organization!

  2. Poor Nim. Let's hope he and your guest doggie don't get into too much trouble together. Old Dog Haven sounds like a great organization.


    P.S. The hand is all better but now I have back problems :-(

    1. I am kind of hoping they might do well together. She is a lab mix and older. I am more worried for the cats...she hasn't lived with them.

      Sorry to hear about the back! That must be preventing much sewing (it does for me).

  3. I'm happy Nim will be having a houseguest soon. That'll keep him busy.

    I received my newsletter from Old Dog Haven in the mail yesterday too! I receive it from donating to your walk last year. You'll have to let me know when you're set up online and I'll donate again. Definitely a good place.

    1. I hope so. He is social and she sounds easy going so crossing my fingers it goes well.

      I will let you know when we are set-up with our little donation page. :) I appreciate it and so does Old Dog Haven!

  4. Did you see that picture of Venus in the spot about Julie Austin Photography? :)