Friday, March 21, 2014

Signs of Spring! Soi Dog Foundation

Despite a snow on Wednesday night and freezing temps we are still showing signs of spring.

I can hardly wait. This weekend is supposed to be nice weather. I will actually be at a TTouch seminar with Nim over the weekend, but we will find ways to enjoy the sun.

This Friday is all about the Soi Dog Foundation. Someday if I make it to Thailand visiting this facility will be on my list. I wouldn't even mind adopting a dog from there. Thanks to the latest Olympics, attention has been brought again to street dogs.

Every country (including our country own in my opinion) has work to do the in the area of humane treatment of animals. I have a lot of respect for what Soi Dog does. They seem to do a very good job trying to curb the growing street dog population, the related abuse and neglect, and dog meat trade while also respecting the culture they are serving.

There is a pretty active group in the UK that supports Soi Dog Thailand efforts. They had calendars this last December and they were all bought before I could jump in there and order! The UK group seems to actively travel to the Thailand facility and helps get some of the dogs on their way to adoption if they are adoptable.

Have a great Friday! Hopefully I will get some TTouch updates posted. I am looking forward to it.


  1. Hope you and Nim have fun at the class. Thanks for sharing your flowers. We are so far from seeing any of those.


    1. Ours are at the stage where they are confused and try to bloom and then it snows. I don't think I could survive an east coast winter.

  2. Can't believe you had snow! Still warm down here. Had some cool fronts come through but it makes it only 77 instead of 80.

    Going to check out the Soi Dog Foundation.

    I had a Facebook friend do the TTouch seminar. She didn't really talk too much about it.

    1. Ahhhh...I know you get sick of the heat but my body could use it right now.

      I think the TTouch stuff can be hard to explain and everyone gets something different they might need out of it.