Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Soos Creek Trail and Nim Goes to Work

This week Nim has been going to work with me. Not in the office part yet, but hanging in the car.

If I get in early we go for a walk on the Soos Creek Trail.

It is a very short walk due to flooding and me being in dress slacks.

There is a ton of water fowl for Nim's entertainment.

I LOVE these dogs. They are next to the office and they like to check out Nim and I each day when I park. They are both girls. Sometimes I call them The Grunts. :) One of the first days I saw them one of them was shaking and chewing on a bird. I would expect nothing less of Blue Heelers.

Some day I will get their names.


  1. Looks like The Grunts could use a diet!

    1. Ha! I think they are actually OK. That breed has such a big barrel chest on it and these guys have a strong winter coat too. I just love them.

  2. The Grunts huh, that's pretty funny. And gross about the bird.

    I hope Nim can make it into your office eventually. :)

    1. I love the Grunts. They make my day.

      I hope he can eventually too. I think he had too many days in a row in the car.