Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vogue Knitting Live!

Here we are on a rainy Sunday evening. Saturday was almost least it didn't rain.

Friday Comcast came.

And they came back today (Sunday). Leela was thrilled as you can see.

Today mom and I made it to Vogue Knitting Live! again in Bellevue. We only did the Marketplace which was a $20 admission per person. I mention it because it is really a lot of money in my opinion. We did have fun walking around though and even did some shopping.

This bin was selling those yarn lots at roughly wholesale. For those of you that knit you know that each of those bags is running about $150 retail. They were reduced to about $55 or so for this show. That is very good savings. It made me wish I had a better project plan!

This exhibit is actually two people moving in a connected dance. It was amazing how strong the knitted link was between them.

They were really pulling on it. It was totally hypnotic to watch.

Between checking out all the different yarns and stores and all the yarn inspired art work it is a lot of fun to walk around.

We did end up buying yarn. A lot of it actually. And I don't want to give much away because a lot of it is at a sister's house for when she gets off shift tomorrow. But I will leave you with these:

They are tiny little skeins.

While at my sister's house I left yarn and socialized with Merlin.

Merlin neglected to tell me that his x-ray shows more degeneration and despite he love of having his bootie smacked he isn't supposed to have at any more! As you can see he was doing his body siren song..."smack my bootie!"

 Believe it or not, he is 17. He has a young face and young spirit.


  1. I'm jealous of you going to Vogue knitting. Poor Leela looks very suspicious at the intruder. Merlin is a cutie. Haven't been sewing or crocheting with my back trouble I can't sit for long :-(


    1. I have been thinking of you! Do you know what you did yet?

  2. Leela is funny. My cats used to do that all the time. As the ones who got up there in age, they didn't care anymore about strangers and did better with them around.

    Sounds like you had a fun time with your mom! Didn't realize yarn was so expensive, wow!

    Merlin is a real cutie!

    1. I wonder if Leela will ever not care. She always keeps a bit of that feral side to her.

      Yarn can be really expensive. Like a fabric hobby. :) Merlin is cute. He is amazingly youthful for his senior age.