Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TTouch Seminar, Body Wraps, and Fremont

Sunday morning we got to Seattle early to get a walk in around Fremont before the seminar started.We started on the trail along the Ship Canal. In the background you can see the Fremont Bridge (blue...and if you live in the area you know is actually worse than the Ballard Bridge as a traffic area) and behind that the taller bridge is Aurora (Hwy 99).

Nim liked being along the canal and watching the ducks. He did not like being on the Fremont Bridge. It is a tight walkway and even at that time of the morning you are dealing with bikers, runners, and other walkers. I am always impressed just how aware dogs are that they are high and over water too. On a bridge like this he could see down between the joints in the bridge.

We walked around the Fremont area a bit but were too early for the Fremont Sunday Market which supposedly is a good market. This ramp goes down to the Lake Union end of the Ship Canal. On the right are some house boats.

By the time we started our return walk back you can see the sun was coming out a bit. It never got super warm but the sun felt good.

One of the things covered in the workshop was body wraps. They have many uses from physical to behavioral to emotional. The blue wrap on his body is considered a "3/4 wrap" and the pink is his rear leg wrap.

I added the front leg wrap at the end. For a dog that has never been wrapped before this was actually "too much." Once we got everything off him he ran around in a scurry.

The "3/4 wrap" he seemed to tolerate fine. The leg wraps made him freeze. I do need to be careful with the "3/4 wrap" in the future as it seemed to rub his inner legs a bit much. I actually don't have to have it dropped that far down his tail if there is no rear leg wraps and I think that might help.

He looks thrilled doesn't he? :)


  1. Nim does not look happy but it made me laugh.


    1. I laughed at him too. To make matters worse a lot of photos were taken of him by other attendees to remember for later. The advantage of a short-haired and black dog...

  2. Looks like a beautiful day walking around.

    Nim looks like a mummy. Could be a future Halloween costume.