Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holly's Last Day of Vacation

Happy Saturday to everyone. This is my current favorite flower basket. It is filling out nicely!

Today is Holly's last day at my house. She will most likely be going home in a couple of hours. I say most likely because her humans are flying International and we all know how that can go.

It has been a disappointing day for her. She has waited and waited, but no sign of Emile.

Emile is resting up under the covers after two fun-filled nights of mice hunting in the house. None of us are sleeping well at night thanks to these hunts, but at least he gets to catch up on the sleep during the day.

In other news my owl is back (because surely it is the same owl I am always seeing). Perhaps there will be fledglings again.

She checked out Holly with general disgust.

Ah Holly. Minus the cat issue she has been a fun dog.

Today she offered either a high five or a shake command. It kind of came out of nowhere, but I think it was her interpretation of my down signal. I got her to repeat it several times so it is clearly something she knew.

Nim and Holly have definitely become little buddies, to the extent their dog brains get that concept. Not easy considering they have both lived as only dogs and Nim's current best friend is a dominant cat. :)

But they have been an easy mix and in my tiny house that is always a good thing.


  1. I think Nim is going to miss Holly the most. That owl is so cool. I can't believe you can get pictures that close. I would think it is the same one too. Just like the same bluebirds, hummingbirds, catbirds, etc. come back to our house every year. They seem to know just where to find the feeders and exhibit some of the same behaviors (like perching in the same spot to watch the world go by). Is that a Barred Owl?

    Glad that the cats will get some relief from Miss Holly now.


    1. Well the cats definitely don't miss her. :) I think it is a Barred Owl. I didn't take a picture of the under feathers, but it is definitely the noise I am hearing at night. I am glad I am not the only one that assumes I have the same visitors. :) I think owls have fairly large territories too. Sam

  2. The flowers and owl are beautiful. The owl looks huge.
    Right now I'm wondering if Holly's parents made it to pick her up. If not, what's another day or two. They look like best buds in those pics. Everyone will be back in their routine in not time at all.