Sunday, September 16, 2012


Good morning!

We are getting SO close. I have really outdone even my own disorganization standards this time around. Wow. At least only Nim is really relying on me...

Yesterday was all about packing up these three and getting them to my sister:

This is stressful for all of us, except for Pascal (top) who is always ready for anything.

In many ways these three (who aren't even coming) is the most challenging part about any trip. As far as packing and figure if I have the dog and my wallet that I am just fine. However my parents loaned me their much bigger and better car which means I am filling it with every possible excessive luxury as we speak.

Yesterday I got everyone caught and loaded up with all their gear to head to my sister's. I thought perhaps if I put everyone in the back with Nim he would reassure them. 

I was dead wrong.

Even with Leela doing her "for Nim's ears only" peeping he was horrified. And then Emile started in with his "I am going to die" yelling.

Last I heard Emile had claimed a cave on the bed:

And Leela...who knows? For being the more feral of any cat I have owned her survival choices are not always the smartest (at least not in a human dominated world). I am sure they make sense to her which in her mind is all that matters.

For a few years now I have been saying that after these two cats I am done with cats, but I totally missed them last night. I also realized they make WAY more noise than Nim and I do. 

Have a great Sunday! Hopefully my next post will be from the coast in very clean ocean air.


  1. Looks like Nim didn't like the kitty's complaining about being in the car. Glad you were able to round everyone up and deliver them to your sister. Have fun on your trip!


    1. Thanks Cindy! I definitely thought about you on the road and sorry again to hear about Nina.

  2. Aww...they're all so sweet. My kitty hasn't traveled too much..I took him to Martha's Vineyard (5+ hours away a few years ago). He cried the first hour...then got really quiet and hung out in the back of his carrier...he had to go on the ferry with me too and was very good.
    I hope everyone's having a good time.

    1. I was actually thinking as I was loading them up what would I do if I had to move with them? I think especially with the female I would just have to deal with the accidents when we got to the final location. She is just a touch too feral. If she ever got out she would be gone.

  3. Aww!! I want a cat so badly!! I hope you have a great trip!!

    1. I wonder if there is a no allergy one you can find. Supposedly it is actually the cat saliva that is the issue for most people, not the fur. How bad is he allergies?