Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day and Squak State Park

Re-quote from The FCPA Blog: A Labor of Love:

"It sounded like a warning when the general counsel said it: 'If you're always working long hours and at weird times, there's something wrong with the job or with you. Either way, I'll fix it.'"

Yesterday I went to Squak State Park off May Valley Road. This is another approach towards Central Peak which I did a few weeks ago. 

Loose roosters at state parks definitely bum me out. This is a more rural area, so it is possible he is close to home, but I worry that a lot of them are dumped. If you live in the urban limits there is something like a 3 chicken limit, no roosters. As I understand it, you can't generally tell when they are babies who is the rooster and who isn't.

When I got back from hiking, 3 girls exercising very calming patience were working on catching him. I had full faith in their abilities. I wished them good luck. This was unfortunately before I got the full story that although they had horses, mom didn't really want a rooster. I think their mom shot mental darts at me.

Our route was from the May Valley trail head was far prettier than the Issaquah city side in my opinion. But once you started to cross the Bullitt Gorge boundary it reminded me a lot of the other approach - somewhat overgrown and ugly. Central Peak isn't THAT exciting, I was hungry, and I was having more fun in the lower loop.

This is a very family friendly and new hiker friendly side of the mountain.

Have a relaxing Monday! I hope most of you can avoid long hours. Today I am planning on baking and reading mostly. We will see. First I have to go to the store...


  1. I hope the rooster was caught and found a new home. He is quite the fancy guy. Nim looks like he enjoyed the hike.


    1. Good morning Cindy. :) I know, I hope he was caught too. He definitely looked more like an "urban release." Not that I don't occasionally see fancy chickens and roosters out by me, but not as much.

      Nim really did have a good time. Some inconsiderate dogs on the trail, but we all got through. Have a great week!

  2. Poor rooster. Hope it ended well for him.
    Looked like a nice walking place for Nim

    1. I kind of hope the kids caught him. :)

      It really was nice for Nim. The lower part was beautiful and nice wide trails and open vegetation.

  3. I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day!! I have been paying for my relaxing day this week! Ugh!

    1. Doesn't it feel like sometimes you have to catch up from a relaxing day?! And especially if you are doing homework right now and took a day off. Those usually came around to bite me.