Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 7 (evening) - Sunday, Sept. 23 - Beverly Beach Yurt

Day 7 (Evening) -

After our Rally-Free workshop we headed back to the coast for an overnight in a yurt! I had set the reservation Friday night. It sounds like it is hard to get yurts without reservations, and I needed a pet friendly one. If you have never camped before a yurt might be a nice introduction to the experience.

Newport, OR is about 50 miles from Corvallis along hwy 20 (pretty drive - probably would be a nightmare in heavy traffic), and then Beverly Beach is just a bit north of Newport. It was a nice drive for me, I couldn't wait to get back out to the coast.

We managed to get there before Sunset so we got a walk in on the beach and along a trail surrounding the campgrounds.

For the first time ever I was slightly inconvenienced by my own "dog friendly" seeking. The yurt smelled like wet dog. :) Since mine doesn't have a furry coat nor does he get into the water I don't deal much with the "wet dog" smell - which is not to say Nim smells like roses.

Anyway, the yurt was a fun experience and I will probably try it again in other locations. Especially for this cold temperature wimp the heater is a big attraction.

My biggest beef was honestly Beverly Beach State Park. It could have been the section I was in, but wow do they cram the people in and it was pretty loud. Considering I only did car camping on this trip (which by nature is not the most secluded experience) it says a lot that I found this camp to be pretty noisy and exposed.

I was so unable to sleep that night that I was on the road by 5am (another advantage of yurt is not having to take down a tent to leave).

It was dark, quiet, and foggy when we left which beautiful.

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