Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blue Moon Magic Quilt Raffle

Good morning!

I have been meaning to mention Cindy's raffle for about a month! Quilting clubs often will raffle a quilt to support their work. All quilting clubs I have ever been a part of do a considerable amount of charity quilting.

Support a great cause with a chance to win a beautiful work of art. 

Tuesday night Nim was up all night with tummy issues. We were out many times, in the pouring rain. He was also plain restless. I wish I could catch up on my sleep like Leela and Nim do after a long night like that.

I was determined yesterday to keep him awake and busy despite a ton of rain. So all the puzzles came out!

Think good homework thoughts for me. This week has been a bit sobering. These assignments seem to be the type in which you put hours in, but not much to show for it.

Stay tuned...I FINALLY have a project idea for my Mad Lunch Lady challenge, however I am on total restriction until a specific homework point, which so far I have been unable to meet. Have a great day!


  1. Thanks for the shout out for the raffle! Sorry to hear Nim wasn't feeling great. We've had rain all day for a couple of days and still more to come. The back yard is more like a pond right now.


    1. Of course...I have been meaning to add the button for awhile and kept forgetting.

      We finally got a rain break later in the day, but it is soggy!

  2. Such pretty colors on the quilt. I'll have to remember to enter. Who knows, I might get lucky...HA!

    Awww, poor Nim. I sure hope he feels better. My Lucas wasin the same situation.

    Hope you put a dent in your homework so you can have some fun time!

    1. The blue is REALLY beautiful blue isn't it?

      This is going to be a homework weekend I think, that is just the way it is going to go this time around. But it is supposed to pour anyway. Meanwhile, I bet you have fabulous weather coming.

    2. Yes that blue is! Drizzling now, but that's okay because my yard really needs it.

    3. You have a good attitude about it. :) Probably if I had that constant sun I might want a bit of rain every so often.