Friday, April 19, 2013

Solutions & World Wide Vegan Bake Sale

Nope, I don't leave this on when I am not around.

What does everyone else have going on for this Friday and weekend?!


I forgot to mention the Vegan Bake Sale in Seattle this weekend! I hope you can get out and enjoy.

Photo: We are officially signed up on the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale website with full bakesale details available there as well as on our own Events page.
Fun Fact to start off your monday with... Vegan Haven is one of only two or three groups (so far) to have participated in ALL FIVE YEARS of the WVBS! And we are thrilled to be!
Remember to share our event with your friends and we are always welcoming more bakers! 
Email to sign up!


  1. I hope you, Nim and the cats can stay warm this weekend. We are going to Millie's rescues regular meet and greet tomorrow to say hi and see if there might be a new brother there for her.

    I love the poster for the bake sale. A pig in wellies is too funny.


    1. Isn't that poster cute??? I loved it.

      That is exciting news if you might be bringing in another pup? You are also very brave considering she isn't even that old yet. Clearly your puppy stage was less painful than mine. :)

  2. Cats are such warm hogs, aren't they? :)

    Your Vegan Bake Sale is a little too far for me to attend, but I hope it's a success!

    Enjoy your night and your weekend!!

    1. Thanks! I might even get out to the bake sale if I finish a test today.