Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rain, Sun, Study

What a weird weather day! The sun and rain kept switching without notice.

Today was all about studying. No surprise there.

And yes, Nim covers his head and his head only, especially at night and in the early morning.

Finally there was stint of warmer, sun weather and I went to study outside.

But it started pouring again so it was back to the desk.

I don't have much brain power left for the day. Maybe time for some TV and knitting.


  1. Nim sleeps just the way I do with the covers over my head to keep the light out. LOL!!


    1. I didn't even think about that...maybe he is blocking out the light. :) Ha! It is so funny to me though because my other doberman was a master cover-er, but he did his entire body.

  2. Nim is a funny sleeper. I always see everyone's Dobermans sleeping under covers. I have yet to own one that does.

    1. It must be because you are in Florida?! Odin was so good that he would get super flat under the blankets and people would think he had got out of my car!