Monday, April 22, 2013


A couple of great things about this Monday:
  1. It is supposed to be sunny (or at least not rain as much as this weekend...sheesh!)
  2. I am on the final day before my 6 hour test on Tuesday - time to get this thing done!
Saturday morning I took my midterm pretty much the moment it opened up. I was ready and I needed it over with so I could switch my brain to the next deadline. Leela was present for support.

Then I went on a cleaning rampage and made pretzels:

So first off, I was supposed to divide the dough into either 6 or 12 pieces. Not that it matters, but honestly, 16? I am better than that. I blame it on fatigue.

Anyway, as you can see 16ths didn't really make them super tiny or anything.

Can you guess which pretzel I twisted first? :) I did really laugh at myself at how challenged I was to twist a basic pretzel, but after the first one I was on track.

I wasn't as creative as these, but they have been a nice snack. I find that with all the school stuff and this test on Tuesday I am not eating super great right now. After Tuesday I can focus on school only and maybe not feel so stretched.

How is your Monday?!


  1. We had beautiful weather today although it started around freezing this morning. It also has been sunny all day. I think we get one more day like this and then some rain.

    Good luck on your test. Six hours is a long test. I hope they give you potty breaks for you and Nim ;-)


    1. It was absolutely gorgeous today. I totally needed it.

      So the test is divided into 2, three hour segments and I think you actually can't take a break during the three hours. That has been my experience with other proctored exams. Needless to say, no tea tomorrow.

  2. I hope you had your sunny Monday!! And soon Tuesday will be here and gone before you know it.

    Those pretzels look delicious. Me and my hubby made some Aunt Annie's pretzels. Wayyyy too much work. I'd rather just go to the store and buy one, although they were delicious too.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

    1. Today was heavenly. Warm sunshine, no rain.

      If you are avoiding homework, nothing is too much work. :)