Saturday, April 13, 2013


My need to travel is in high gear right now and it is driving me a bit nuts. I suspect it is a combo of too much homework and too much rain and not enough outlets. Because of the pup, mostly I dream about road trips, but then there was this "Spring in Crete" post. Sigh. I bet Nim would do well in Greece.

We are in for rain and cold this weekend. I will take what little color I can get, like these flowers outside my door.

The pellet stove went back on high yesterday as did the "negotiating."

I did stay up too late Thursday night starting my Mad Lunch Lady project. I have committed to attempting to make a Simple Rug Snuggle for the Snuggles Project. Every once in a while I wish I could crochet, and this is one of those times. Crochet simply does better in creating a nice round rug.

To make this work I am incorporating fabric strips from my mystery bag:

That I am zig-zagging together:

And rolling into a fabric ball:

I would be much further along except I unfortunately had to pull a bunch on Friday and I really don't have many blocks of knitting time. But this is attempt number 2:

On Brittany's site she is proposing a spring cleaning challenge and this next week is supposed to be closets. Two things:

1. I don't need a challenge to clean, I love to clean, especially if I would rather not be doing my homework.

2. I don't tend to keep a lot of stuff to throw away in the first place.

I do however love participating in challenges and there is always room for cleaning improvements. :)

We are supposed to take photos of our work, which I may or may not do...I did however take a photo of my closet plant. Sigh. We have about a one year relationship in which it sneaks in the closet and I cut it back out. Emile loves it.

I hope everyone has a productive Saturday if you need it (like me) or a relaxing Saturday if you don't.


  1. Leela always gives the furrowed brow and Emile doesn't care one whit.

    A closet plant?! That's news to me!

    1. They were fighting and stopped for a photo. :) They are both such drama.

      The closet plan is my bane, but occasionally even I find humor in it. Today it is growing in a new direction.

  2. Oh I love Nero's posts and think living there would be wonderful too. Your rhododendron is beautiful. We won't be seeing any blooms on ours for over a month from now. That snuggle project looks nice. If you want to tackle any cleaning you are welcome to come here. We have one closet in particular that needs some help!


    1. Doesn't it make you want to visit? She even has a guest house.

      Most of my yard is still not in bloom, but we had a few days of sun that got that one...and it is always my first bloomer.

      You wouldn't want my help if you knew the complaint I have got for throwing things out. :) Even I have gotten mad at myself on occasion.

  3. Another one of my dreams...a cross country road trip. Will have to do that when I retire, or have a much bigger pad in the savings.

    Your cats definitely look like they're tolerating each other. My two can't even get that close. My one is too mean to the other one and will yell and swat at her.

    I don't have too much clutter, I just have a problem organizing. Your closet plant is pretty funny! They only closet plant I would have would be cat puke with white fuzz growing out of it if I don't see it. :)

    1. I highly recommend a cross country road trip but you need a lot of time. Not something you want to rush.

      My cats actually do well together. I never even knew you had two! Ha! So they totally don't like each other. My two will fight and tumble but are just as likely to lay together.

  4. My need to travel right now is crazy too!! Wanna run away to Greece?? :)
    I cleaned out my closet yesterday and it felt good! I probably should have gotten rid of more things, but I have to do it a little at a time! I love to clean too.... I just get emotional about getting rid of items.

    1. Wouldn't Greece be amazing! Don't encourage me. :)

      I did get a start yesterday on my closets. I still always find something to give away. Thanks for starting the challenge!