Thursday, April 18, 2013

Send Sun

Good morning! I am going to warn you, I am not the most content right now. Hanging in there, but I am a touch grouchy. :)

Not as grouchy as Leela and Emile however.

Yesterday my pellet stove official died with a bit of a noise and more unfortunately a poof of black smoke. I then had to open the windows to air out the house, while trying to resurrect the pellet stove which has yet to happen.

Because of a schedule of tests I have coming between this Sunday and next Sunday I can't even deal with a repair person right now. Warm are welcome any time now.

I have added the space heater to my "office space" which is already out of control with all my books and papers. You know from previous photos I have a delicate organization system involving my bed as well as the floor, that I then take apart every night to hide all the documents so that Emile won't eat them.

In the current lack of pellet stove situation, everything in my house is at risk of Emile's wrath right now.

Nim has also taken to storing his toys under my chair because there isn't enough crammed into that area anyway, and really, who doesn't want to step on a chewed antler.

During down time between studying we are heavy into training. My attention is back on the Rally-free novice signs for an event in May. This professional chair and dog bed set-up is to develop our "switch" meaning we are heeling one side, we both flip the same direction 180 degrees (in his case I am shaping his change around a chair) and then resume heeling with him on the other side. 

The hula hoop is more my experimenting. It is kind of funny how a hula hoop makes everyone scatter.

I have had a lot of Webinars this week which means a lot of Mad Lunch Lady project. My biggest beef is that the ridges of fabric are lumpy and what cat or dog wants to lay on that? Perhaps this will be a wall hanging, a rug, or the largest pot holder ever.

Emile says "send sun."


  1. Sorry it has been so dismal for you. I hate to say it but we have enjoyed a couple days of sunshine for a change and today it is about 75 degrees. I hope you all can stay warm.


    1. Oh, not to worry, I never get grouchy about other people's news. :) I am glad you have stint of nice weather. You have had some cold and rain for you as well.

      We are staying warm. :)

  2. Is it a "shoop shoop hoop"?

    I finally decided what to do for the MLL, but alas, I haven't started it :(

    1. Yes it is, which is probably part of the problem.

      At least you have an idea, I bet it will be good. :)

  3. Phew, I'm exhausted after reading your day and week to come!

    I'll send you some sun and warmth right away! It might have some humidity with it though.

    1. :) I am pooped too. Supposedly it is really supposed to warm up this week, I just need it a touch warmer right now!