Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This morning it is snowing lightly and cold!

Such a contrast to the warmth and sun of last week.

Anyway, this weekend was packed craziness, but the homework got done and I went to Argus Ranch to watch the agility dogs. Nim got a smoked bone in the deal which he wouldn't even share with the cats.

I got my Mad Lunch Lady challenge project turned into Gossypium Quilt Shop on Saturday. I need to go back to the shop and see what other people did.

I probably won't do the challenge in May because I have such limited creative time right now anyway and I have some quilts I would like to get back to. 

Emile is on sun watch. :)


  1. Snow!? I sure hope we are done with that!


    1. I hope we are too! 2nd day of May, and it is gorgeous out right now.

  2. That sure is some crazy weather this week all up and over there! I sure wouldn't mind :) We've had rain and more rain this week.

    1. This is a bizarre weather week. Supposedly hitting the 80s this weekend. :)