Monday, April 22, 2013

Two Missing Pit Bulls, North Fork South Fork Tolt Reservation, Skykomish, North Bend, WA

I am not sure how many local readers I have beyond my family and friends, but just in case, this is the text of my listing I posted this morning in a couple of other public locations.

I am aware of a lot missing dogs, a lot of time, but this one is in more wilderness without much resources to help.

I wanted to post a more detailed update for the two missing pit bulls in the North Fork wilderness area based on a couple of phone conversations I had this morning. I am not the owner and do not personally know the people or the dogs involved, just trying to help an unfortunate situation. Two previous postings:

Their owner was walking them off one of the service roads at the very end of the North Fork Rd when they took off. This would be below the McClain Peak area (considerably past spur gate 10). He was able to track them a couple of days heading downstream along the North Fork river. The North Fork is running strong right now and these are not dogs that will swim unless they really have to.

They will most likely not cross the river and if I understand correctly they are on the NORTH side of the river. Tracks seen below the South Fork Tolt Reservoir continuing along the North Fork River.

Owner has been in contact with the loggers and security in the area and plans to try and contact them via CB probably today. More signs should be going up today as well. I didn't see any signs along the North Fork Rd up to the Spur Gate 10 on Sunday. If you are hiking in the area, be sure to let anyone know that you see.

I have attached a map as I understand the location they went missing. I highlighted the main line, and North Fork road as well to help people orient to the location. I was not there and have not been back to the location at this point so this was the best I could do from phone conversations. They have been missing since April 16th.

They both have considerable white coloring (one all white). Both males. The all-white male is a big boy, around 100 pounds.

Depending on what happened around the watershed they could be just as likely to be heading into North Bend as they could be heading into Skykomish.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and help with this situation!


  1. OK, without adding any of you blog info, I copy and pasted on my FB. The craigslist add popped up right away on this posting, which is good. Your comments are also on there, but no link to you, your name, or your blog. I don't have many FB friends, but you never know who will copy this to spread the word. Poor pups :(

    1. Thanks! This is the link to the actual craigslist ad I did as well:

      I should have added that. You never know with the power of the forward so I appreciate it.

  2. Hope the poor boys are found :(

    1. I know, this one bums me out. The territory is simply huge.

  3. Just added your craigslist ad to my FB.