Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Sunny Day of Flowers

This Saturday is so warm and sunny. It has been wonderful. I couldn't sleep well, so we hit the trail super early for a very quick hike. 

What I really had planned for today was some gardening. I met a friend at the farmer's market who had some great success last year with her vegetable garden. I got two tomato starts, flowers for hanging baskets, and some printouts from the Master Gardner booth to plan my own small garden.

First I worked on my hanging baskets.

I am really hoping they fill in well with a lot of color.

I generally have decent luck doing my own, although never near as amazing as the ones you can buy. I think this year is my best start yet, so I am hopeful.

These bulbs were given to me when Rusty died last year, but that was just such a hard year all around I didn't plant them. This is right around the time they should go into the ground so I found them a special spot. I saw pictures online with hummingbirds in these flowers. I am big on hummingbirds. Not just for their beauty, but supposedly they eat spiders.

This is my first attempt at a vegetable garden plot. I am realizing that I am probably not going to do raised beds so I will probably trench down a bit and then get soil to mound on top.

The problem being that Nim is loving all the digging I am doing. He was practically unearthing the bulbs as fast as I could get them covered. Good thing I have to do rabbit fencing. Perhaps that will keep him out.

Hours of gardening wore Nim out. He had to investigate all my new dug holes, stepped on some flowers I gentled weeded around to unclog and tried to pee on my hanging baskets when they were still on the ground.

It is way too soon for tomatoes to be planted, but I did transplant these babies to larger pots and now they are in the house with me for the night. On nice days they will go outside to get some sun.


  1. What a great way to spend a Saturday. We have crocosmia and the hummingbirds love it. I hope you get some. It is always fun to dig holes with the pups around. They love to help ;-)


    1. I am really hoping the bulbs take off too! If Nim didn't dig up and eat them all. :)

  2. I love the hanging baskets. Can't wait to see them bloom. You have a helper like my kids. They both like to dig and Lucas likes to water my plants, hence why I have none outside.

    I so wish I had a knack for gardening. I can barely get anything to live outside. I can't wait to see yours flourish!

    1. Thanks. I am really hopeful. Some years I am more focused on the gardening stuff than others, but I can tell this is a year that I am really into it. So something should survive. :)