Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My tomatoes are hardly speaking to me today after I left them out to get hit by hail yesterday. I got fooled when the sun peaked out yesterday, but it was short lived and immediately followed by a very ugly weather system. I ran out to rescue them when the hail started, but they are a bit haggard today.

I think the one on the right already needs to be transplanted again to a larger pot.

Anyway, after yesterday's doom and gloom weather I wasn't sure how today was going to go, but when I saw sunny weather coming in the afternoon I called a friend to bring a truck (since mine is still dead) and help me get two yards of 3-way garden soil.

I really hadn't planned on starting to fill boxes tonight, but Nim was driving me crazy from two days of being stuck in the house between weather and homework so I did some dirt moving and he did some zoomies with toy flinging.

As I added more and more dirt I couldn't keep Nim out of the boxes. I am not sure what is more exciting to him, the smell of the garden-mix or the fact that I am digging to mix the bottom layer of 3-way into my traditional ground dirt.

He tried to poo in my other garden box which I was horrified about. Judging by the look he gave me when I chased him out he is horrified that I would assume the box was for anything else.

I am guessing the netting that is going up won't be just to keep out the bunnies.

My hanging baskets are all doing lovely! Even in the storm they were mostly under the eaves of the house so they didn't get beat up too bad.

Have a great evening. My arms are noodles.


  1. Aren't those boxes just a huge doggie litter box? From day one Millie usually does her business in the mulch and sometimes way under some of the shrubs. If we can we climb in there to retrieve it, but it isn't fun. I would prefer to have a doggie litter box in the yard for them to go in.

    Good luck with planting your boxes. I know Millie would also be thinking those boxes were for her to dig in.


    1. Actually...you raise a very valid point. :) At least in one box I could just clean it up easier. Nim LOVES to dig. And if I am doing the weed pulling or digging as far as he is concerned that is an invitation to "assist."

  2. It might be time to get some stakes or "cages" to keep your tomatoes upright. They look like nice plants :)

    1. I know! I was thinking about the cages last night myself. I definitely want them to hold out and make it.

  3. It's a big doggy litter box! lol

    Your baskets look lovely!!

    1. Thanks! The flowers are doing fabulous. This is my best year ever with them.