Saturday, May 18, 2013

Plants In The Ground

When I woke up this morning and found one of my tomato plants gnawed on (Leela) I knew that I needed to get them into the ground much sooner than I wanted.

I was waiting for the weather to get more consistently warm, but honestly my house isn't really warm either and my cat is a little plant predator.

I went out to Fall City to check out the "tomato lady." Sadly this is her last year. She has quite a following. I got two more tomato starts, some bell pepper, peas, and yes...Brussels sprouts. We will see if I end up eating aphids this year.

Two of my boxes are least partially planted. This is the largest scale gardening I have done in my life and I have to say I am enjoying the process. It is kind of like losing yourself in a really good book.

Speaking of books, I took a break from Stephanie Plum (just finished book 5) and I am reading Beautiful Creatures. My jury is out. I actually enjoy it, but it is hard because I really only get snippets of reading time and this book requires more concentration than Stephanie Plum.

Back to gardening...

I am sure the bunnies were sending little messages out to all the local colonies. I did put up netting right away on both boxes which hopefully will discourage them.

I have never once had them mow down my flower planting, but I am less willing to take a chance with my newly planted vegetables.

This is actually shade cloth for green houses so we will see if it blocks too much sun or if the bunnies chew through it. If it gives the plants a chance to grow even a bit I will be happy.

Nim basically went nuts with my gardening. Highlights would include him digging a very deep hole next to the garden box because I kept kicking him out and he also took off with a root ball containing 4 of my pea plants in his mouth and shook them. We will see if they make it.

Tomorrow we get up ridiculously early and head to Sequim for a rally-free class.


  1. Good luck with nature not getting into your boxes. Nim cracks me up. What is it with dogs and dirt?

    Good luck today!

    1. Hi there! So far so good on the nature staying out. I don't know what the deal is with the dirt. I have to admit, aside from when he took my starts, I really did enjoy watching him having fun and going crazy.

    2. Good to hear. As much as I hate them being dirty, I do love watching them dig because it looks like they're having fun.

  2. I've got my fingers crossed for your veggies and for Nim and you today at the rally class. Yesterday I thought Walter had lost a tooth, but the reality was that he had nuzzled some dirt and it covered one tooth. Silly pups.


    1. OK, that is a funny story about the dirt covering the tooth! I am so loving my gardens. Sam