Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wednesday Distraction

How is your Wednesday going?

Mine has involved lots of homework and no yard work. I am also trying to resist the urge to make this cake. You will note that the frosting alone involves a pound of powdered sugar. I bet I would be super productive after eating that.

Nim is pooped. On Saturday May 25th will be our first ever Rally-Free trial. Because I am still traumatized after being excused from the ring on my last Rally-Obedience trial before we even made it to the first sign, I chickened out and registered for the pre-novice runs as opposed to actual novice runs.

Basically pre-novice doesn't count towards titling. I am hoping that taking the titling pressure off will get me back into the "ring" saddle.

So we have been training and training with Emile as our new shadow because he now thinks the clicker is all about him.

By the way, I LOVE this blog about Honey the Great Dane. I have to put myself on restriction from watching all her freestyle videos and reading all her training posts. Darn homework!

The Snoqualmie Valley area had a really ugly break-in involving an assault and a subsequent stabbing of the intruder by one of the home owners. We get some really bizarre violent crime out here and definitely break-ins but this one really bothered me. I ended up lining up my noisy boots by the only door into the house last night so I would sleep. You would think my doberman would make me relax, but I have to defend him you know! :)


  1. First of all good luck at the rally trial. Second I'm sorry I pointed you to Honey's blog, but isn't it great? Maybe someday when you have more time you can enjoy reading it.

    I had heard about that break in and thought it was near you. I bet in a crisis Nim would step up and defend you but I really hope you never have to find out.

    We are glad that Millie has finally found her voice and has become a bit of a watch dog. We live far off the road on 5 acres and nobody can really see our house so it's always nice to have an early warning system if someone comes up the driveway.


    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks, hopefully our attempts will have little videos. I LOVE Honey's blog. :) Too cute. I am glad you told me about it.

      I tell you, even I followed the news until I could find the street block it occurred in. That was an ugly one. Nim has a good mouth on him too at least, but no, I don't want to find out either. I don't want either of us in that position.

      And wait until Walter steps up with Millie. :) She should have a good bark on her.

  2. First, don't resist, make the cake! You can never resist with chocolate.

    Good luck on your trial on Saturday.

    That is scary with the home invasion. I know there are more than enough here, but I'm always for the homeowner when they can defend themselves. More and more the invaders are getting shot. You'd definitely have to defend your boy. I know I would mine. My home was broken into in 2010 just after I left for work and I'm sure my boy greeted them like I was home. I'm so thankful they didn't harm or take him.

    1. I know! I am looking at the weather for this week and thinking that this week might be a chocolate cake week. As you can imagine, any cake that is also called "Texas Sheet Cake" has this solo living, cake loving, girl a touch nervous.

      How scary on your break-in experience! It is such a nightmare for me to imagine coming home to something like that. And I am glad Lucas wasn't hurt either. I don't know why I worry about it with dobermans, but dogs don't stop bullets and better than humans do.