Friday, May 3, 2013

Eye Exam

Today Nim had his annual eye check at Northwest Animal Eye Specialists.

I think this clinic has the best doggie yard of any vet I go to. We sat in the sun for awhile, waiting for the dilation drops to do their thing.

No, he did not have to read the eye chart. Some year I will get really good photo of his dilated eyes.

This year he got to work with Dr. Jones and he really loved her...perhaps too much. :)

Everything looked great and at this point in his life I would expect no less. Although I did notice a scratch on his eye lid while we were waiting. I know that came from him jumping around the woods.

I have included some photos of this wrapping paper for no other reason other than I love it. The colors are really beautiful in it.

Have a great Friday. We have a warm weekend ahead for us, but I am just fine with that.


  1. Glad to hear Nim's eyes are in good shape. Must be the day for it because another SAR dog (Tails and Tales) just had his today too. That paper is pretty but I'm always partial to Bird things.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Yes! It is a national program that I just love that they offer. :) I am sure he was on the same program.

      I do love birds too, but it is also the colors. Have a great weekend too. I hope Walter is continuing to dial in.

  2. Omg, that canine eye chart is hilarious!
    He does look really happy. That's good. Glad all was good too!

    That is pretty wrapping paper!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. He was a very happy boy. All about him. :) You have a great weekend too.