Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love Me, Love My Dirt

I need this post of sunshine today as it is pouring outside.

I am even surprised by my own productivity yesterday! My sister loaned me a laptop and I am doing a better job this time around using it outside for some of my homework.

Once I got as far as I could on one assignment without an Internet connection I decided to take a break and plant some seeds.

As a beginning vegetable gardener my biggest advice to those intimated is don't be scared! I didn't really appreciate some of the calming benefits of gardening until this year. I have usually done a few containers or pots every season, and mostly flowers, but nothing like this and I am really enjoying it.

There are some great resources in print and online to help you be a better more successful (but sadly no weather control system to protect my tomatoes from the weather forecast this week). Right now I am borrowing the book: Seattle Tilth's "Maritime Northwest Garden Guide." Even simple things I wouldn't have thought about, like planting certain items (like greens) repeatedly for an extended season will prevent waste as I will mostly be the only one probably eating out of my garden.

Of course that is with the positive thoughts that something actually survives and that Nim didn't root all the seeds out. :)


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    1. He truly doesn't understand why this isn't a combined effort: I dig, I bury, he digs, he excavates.

  2. Looks like a beautiful day to be working outside! I was going to tell you that you'd probably be able to find Facebook groups in your local area for gardening but I remembered you don't do Facebook. I know in my area they have one. I joined even though I don't have a garden, but I envy when I look at how they grow things! If I ever start and have questions I know where to go. One day.

    Hope you get some more beautiful days this week!!

    1. It was hard enough for me to do LinkedIn! But you are right, there is probably some great gardening Facebook groups as well.

      You will get a chance. You would have a totally different climate consideration than I do.

      I hope it gets nicer today too. Right now it is cold and raining steady.

  3. Pretty garden friend! I wish we were having one this year. This is the first year not having one! Crazy....

    1. I was thinking about you when I did this garden. I remember you did this squash I had never heard about last year. You have a ton going on...you are growing a church! :)