Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gypsy's Clove Odor Recognition Test (ORT)

I hope everyone had a great Sunday.

Today's post is mostly about my mom's mini Aussie, Gypsy and her very successful ORT, but first a couple of other items of interest:

1. BIG NEWS - the missing pit bulls have apparently been found this afternoon. I don't have the full update, but they are alive and obviously quite skinny. The would have been missing a full month as of Monday. They were ultimately located roughly in the same wilderness they went missing. That means they went through a couple of mountain snow storms as well. Crazy. Hopefully they will regain their weight and there is no other injury or long-term damage.

2. Check out my one antler deer...he was persistent this morning.

Gypsy had a great day today at her ORT today! 

If you are a Nose Work person, you know that ultimately dogs have to pass odor recognition tests (ORTs) on three scents: birch, anise, and clove to participate in the Nose Work search trials.

Last year Gypsy did her Birch and Anise. Today it was time to get her third scent: Clove.

She did fabulous!

This video is the practice boxes before you enter for the actual timed event:

This video is her timed performance and successful identification of the clove box:

You can see she totally nailed it. She didn't even want to take the time to walk the entire set-up first.

Well done Gypsy! She has already done her NW1 and in the next month or so we go to Fife for her NW2. I can't film those, but you will still hear about how it goes.

I also got to watch GSD Connor work. I have known Connor since he was a baby, but haven't seen him in years. He also had a successful day. :)

I am not sure I am ready for Monday, but at least it is supposed to be warm again.


  1. Congrats to Gypsy on a job well done.


  2. Wow, I had no idea how much went in to training these dogs, how impressive!

    I can recognize the scent of coffee and chocolate and pizza, but after that it goes downhill fast...

    1. I know. It must be nice to be a dog and have the entire world your sniffing game. :)

  3. I'm so glad those pit bulls were found. Amazing!

    Hmmm, wonder what happened to the other antler on your deer? They're such beautiful animals.

    That's awesome for Gypsy!! I have no idea what NW1 and NW2 is. I assume nose work levels? I'm sure she'll do fantastic, what it entails haha!

    1. Yes, those are levels. :) She does do a good job.

      I don't know enough about antlers. I think they do drop them right? Or maybe he was still young enough and just growing them. I need to investigate.

      I got photos on the pit bulls and occasional update. They both are doing just fine.

    2. I have no idea about the antlers. I'd have to google it.

      Good to hear on the found pups!