Thursday, May 29, 2014

Only Took 6 Months...

So for whatever the reason Emile decided today was the day he was claiming the pillow my sister knitted for the cats for Christmas. For regular readers, you know that only Nim has used the pillow. I have tried placement all over the darn house to get the cats to use it and they just stick their noses up.

With new mouse from Cindy in tow, Emile spent extensive time sniffing and kneading the pillow before settling in. 

He then kept an eye on Nim nearby...who did chase Emile off the pillow shortly after this photo.

But Emile came back.

Today has been a heavy study day for me. I sucked it up and purchased in a CPA Review Course with Gleim. This officially makes my CPA journey real. I am not going to lie, I am nervous.

I have actually already been working towards what is known as the Enrolled Agent (there is actually three separate parts to this taxation exam: regulation, individual, and corporation) and I realized that the REG section from the CPA exam (CPA exam has 4 parts: REG, FAR, AUD, and BEC) is related in tax content to the Enrolled Agent and I should really be trying to work on both at the same time.

I will keep you posted on how that fabulous plan works for me because right now I just feel overwhelmed. be a cat...on his pillow...with his mouse.


  1. No wonder you were so quiet today ;)

    Perhaps you should curl up on the pillow, that seems to be so relaxing :D

    1. I totally overwhelmed myself today. I was all talk until I bought the review course. :) Emile thinks it is very relaxing.

  2. Emile must have been on a nip high and decided the pillow was a good place to be. Good luck with your CPA stuff.


    1. Actually...that is a VERY good point. No wonder he brought his mouse with him.

      Thanks! It is at least a year long process so it will be talked about from time to time. :) Sam

  3. Maybe Emile changed his ways since Holly left. Holly changed his ways. He's loving his new pillow with his new mouse, even though the pillow isn't new. :)

    Best of luck on your journey to become a CPA! Try not to burn yourself out!

    1. The cats were really happy once she left.

      Thanks. I am worried about whether or not my current study rate is sustainable.