Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Enrolled Agent Exam Done! - SEE Section 1 - Individuals - Passed

I am so relieved right now. I went early into Puyallap and completed another exam for the IRS Enrolled Agent (tax). One more section to go.

As usual, I will sprinkle in pretty pictures with accounting/tax talk.

I woke up early. Nim puked on my behalf and then proceeded to pace around the house with me wondering why I wouldn't feed him. Eventually I gave him a peanut butter Kong and hit the road by 6am to get to the testing site.

The traffic was considerably better on a Monday morning than when I tried to do this on a Saturday morning. I even was early enough to read some of my Vogue Magazine. Now I have no fashion sense, I mean really none - made worse by the fact I hate shopping. But I love Vogue. I get so many fabric inspirations for quilts in that magazine and September is the big fashion issue. I love it.

As I sat there reading and waiting for the testing center to open up I was also very hungry, but I was too nervous to eat which was frustrating.

This exam felt different than the first part I took I think because I have more hands-on experience doing individual tax returns which definitely helps my knowledge. Also, in many aspects I would say my Exam Matrix study questions were harder than several of the IRS exam questions (this is a good thing)!

As usual there were probably 3 - 5 questions I flat out guessed. One of them I had never even heard about before. Always a fabulous feeling. 

And now, the weekend ramble...

The weekend was full of studying as you can imagine. After some extensive online research I realized my sister's laptop that I have borrowed for about 2 years was chirping because it was overheating.

Cookie rack to the rescue!

I would take study breaks to do cone work for obedience. Nim and I are sucking on this right now, and naturally we have our first traditional obedience trial next weekend. :)

Nim had a lot of happy sitting in the sun.

And Kong time.

I am thrilled to have this test done!

So thrilled that I rushed home and did the thing I would normally NEVER do and already schedule the final section I need to take having only barely started studying for it: SEE section 2 - Business.

I am really trying to push myself to get this done before the quarter starts at the end of September and I have to add back all my teaching assistant work.

Congratulations, you survived another post about accounting!

Wait! One more piece of good news...guess who's jacket was still sitting in the lost and found from last time! I guess they couldn't get anyone to take it. :)


  1. Congrats! And the jacket comment was hilarious!

    1. I was stunned to see it hanging there! Nim says it doesn't smell like him anymore however. :) He will fix that!

  2. Thanks for all the pretty pictures mixed in with the accounting talk. LOL! I never would have guessed you were a Vogue reader but I get how it can be a great source of inspiration for your quilting.

    1. Anything I can do to break the boring accountant stereotype with pretty pictures. :)

      Ha! I know. Anyone who knows me is always surprised when I bust out the Vogue Magazine. The September issue is really the best. I am just taken with all the crazy prints, fabrics, and dress designs. I can spend hours with it. I often will take parts of the magazine apart to save my favorite swatches.

  3. Way to go Sam! You are a above and beyond achiever! And to get your jacket back after all that, lol.
    Love your flower and Nim pictures. So much beauty in your yard, I'm surprised you need Vogue. :)