Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Happenings

When I study or work outside, more and more it looks like this.

He has his own dirt pit under the table. I was contemplating getting some nematodes and setting them free in the dirt in case that is where our fleas are living, but now that I realize they are round worm I am thinking maybe more parasitic worms is not what I need.

Especially since I am now de-worming Nim as we speak...most likely for worms related to the fleas!

He makes me happy under the table, hanging out while I work and study...even if he gets super dirty and has fleas.

These bunnies also make me happy because for whatever the reason they don't seem to chew much in my gardens. Therefore I find them cute. Although I think they are also the reason I had a young coyote in the yard the other day.

Bunnies make Emile VERY happy.

I went to my friend's house today and got flowers:


And a Kolrabi. She and her roommate are major successful gardeners. I can only hope to be so successful someday, although I might lack the patience.

I am ridiculously pleased with myself however that not only have a produced 3 tomatoes (all of which I have eaten) but as you can see, I have more to come!

Have a quiet Sunday night. I am trying to squeeze some studying in and get ready for the upcoming work week. Supposedly to be successful for my CPA exams I should be studying 20 hours a week. This coming week I am going to actually try and track time because I highly doubt I am hitting that. I am however daydreaming of all the things I will do when all 4 sections are passed so I better get on it.


  1. Nim sure looks happy to hang out under your outside table. That dirt is probably cool to lay on. Congrats on your tomatoes too. Your friends sure have a nice variety of tomatoes too.


    1. He loves being there. I think he thinks the birds don't know he is there or something. He has yet to catch one though. My friends are amazing gardeners. I can only dream. :)

  2. I didn't think you all had problems with fleas over there. Do you get the other critters too? The "t" word, and I can't say it. Just another reason I hate living in FL.

    That's too cute with the bunnies and Emile. What a look!

    Such beautiful flowers!

    1. We do have to keep an eye on the "Ts". I worry about it more when I hike in the eastern part or out of stage, but yes, I do have to watch for it. Probably not anywhere near as badly as Florida.

      This is the worst flea year I have ever personally had. It has sucked!