Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday!

Hooray for Friday! I hope it was a productive one for all of you and you can enjoy your weekend. We have been in a bit of high heat week again. Lots of bunnies laying around the yard with their buddas hanging out. I love this photo because as you can see she is just outside the direct sun.

Today I had about an hour of gardening. I swear I haven't worked in my garden for weeks. It is a miracle anything is still alive. Check out Nim's garden this year. It has some large mystery thing growing which I am hoping is a sunflower (you would assume I would know, but it was some start that I was given and I forgot what it was). Anyway, his garden is so full that Nim can't walk around in there anymore.

I got the lemon cucumber plants in Nim's garden under control today as well as the tomatoes in my other bed. I actually ate my first self-grown tomato today. It was so good. Every summer when I get garden tomatoes it is then really hard for me to eat store ones for quite awhile afterwards.

I also attempted some dog training. Since Nim and I have decided to branch out into competition obedience I have to teach him to:

a. fetch, and more specifically
b. hold a dumbbell while sitting, jumping, returning to me, etc.

Yes. He looks like I am abusing him. He is so perplexed by the sitting with the dumbbell in his mouth process. However the taking the dumbbell and running off to drop somewhere else - he has that mastered! I can't wait until we try jumps.

Enjoy your evening! It is 6:45pm and I am about to settle in for dinner and maybe find a movie or something else to watch. Emile is all ready. :)


  1. Nim looks so different in his two pictures. The first one he looks so proud of his garden and the second one he does look quite put out. LOL!

  2. Your gardens look great! That thing is really, really tall too. Can't wait to see what it is.

    Nim does look kind of funny in that pic. Like what are you doing to me? He's such a good boy!

    Enjoy your weekend! Hope it isn't too hot still!