Sunday, August 31, 2014

Boulder Garden Loop, AKC All-Breed Obedience Trial, Kitten Sneak Peek!

Today is absolutely a double-post day. The kittens need a post of their own.

So first, the weekend dump...

We hiked the Boulder Loop Garden off Little Si on Friday night and managed to find the fire damage section.

I have no idea how I missed this before.

And we got to see a whole lot more of it than planned when we found bees and I ran the wrong direction resulting in us joining the wrong road and then I had to double back to get us home.

Saturday we dropped by an agility trial at Argus so that Nim could meet his crazy cute 5 month old niece. I hope to get them photographed together later.

We also got to pick up a stash of smoked meaty bones.

It is hard to say who is more excited about this. Nim leaves messy scraps and Emile is right there to eat them up.

The rest of Saturday was intensive study session with my buddies.

I am glad I am on my third test because by now I am used to starting weak, thinking I will never learn it, and having it all work out in the end.

This morning (Sunday) we were up by 5am and on the road by 6am for our first ever Obedience trial. We are starting in Beginner Novice. Nim and I were the only "A" dog in the Beginner Novice group. You get one "A" dog in a lifetime. It is the category for people who have never shown in the ring before. After that, even if your dog is new, you are no longer a new handler, and they are all "B" dogs.

Nim is ridiculously happy next to his new crate. I ended up running over this brand new crate (which I paid rush shipping on) after the trial. I think it will still work however.

Basically, I couldn't be more proud of Nim. I am more weak on Obedience rules as compared to Rally rules but Nim did really well. It is nice to see literally years of work starting to come together.

This is our score. In each section you can see where I lost points. Not surprising the most amount was the heeling work. When I lose his focus he tends to swing wide and then we get a "tight lead deduction."

Good boy Nim!



  1. We knew you and Nim would do great at the trial. Love your study partners.


    1. I love my study partners too! The more traditional obedience world is a very new field for me so I definitely had some flubs, but he really did great. We are going to have to up our heel work which is hard. Probably one of the things I care the least about in dog training. :)