Sunday, August 31, 2014


I don't even know how to get this post under control. So many pictures. You can't even imagine the amount I cut.

Here is the short story:

Mama was found as a stray at a friend's house. She was taken in to the vet because she has a large hernia and a deformed spine and foot. Well it turned out she was pregnant and probably a year old at most. She was so skinny no one could tell she was pregnant until they were x-raying the spine.

We all know the statistics - fix your pets. Cats in particular start young and are prolific breeders. She is probably at most a year old herself.

5 babies are here and they are cute and healthy! Mama is a super nice cat and excellent with her babies. If I had room I would be fighting to keep her actually. She has a spay appointment coming once her babies are weaned. They are 17 days old for this photo shoot.

YouTube videos for your kitten fix:

Their eyes are just opening but their back legs aren't working. We tried to get some baby photos with so-so success.

Mama always had the eagle eye on me and if she had had enough or the baby was peeping she got up and retrieved baby back to the kitten pile.

Now that their eyes are open they are starting to get into grooming.

As you can probably tell, the 2 Tux kittens were the hardest to get photos of.

I am hoping to try another photo shoot later - although the will only be getting more active. :)


  1. Thanks for visiting! You got some great photos! Today was probably the cutest day in their only 17 day lives, but I'm sure we are fast approaching cuteness overload.

    1. I know. I will be back. It will probably be all video since they will never hold still.

    2. Very true, just go with video!

  2. What a sweet momma. Are her health issues fixable?

    1. It sounds like the hernia is quite large and will be repaired in the spay since there are there anyway. The spine and foot are birth defects and at this point there is no amputation or anything required. She kind of just moves it along with her. She was WONDERFUL.

    2. That's exactly the situation. None of the birth defects cause her any pain and there is really nothing that can be done for them except fixing the hernia. She's just the sweetest girl ever!

  3. Oh I'm falling in love! Mama looks mad in that second photo. That's great that she's doing well and so are the kittens. When mama's are so young sometimes the kittens don't survive. I love the calico kitten, and the tuxedo ones. :)