Tuesday, October 12, 2010

After everyone feels calm and serene swimming Rusty it is Nim's turn. Cindy is working so hard to teach him to swim. First I "place" him in the tub.

I think he believes that if he is as cute as possible with Cindy we will let him out.
His head wouldn't be so wet if he would swim less violently.

As you can see, he really is starting to have some good moments with nice form.

And some moments that are not so nice:

He is certainly trying hard enough. He is finally more willing to let Cindy help him too.

Notice the wet decking when Nim comes out.

Our drying process is also less serene. I believe he is always just happy he survived.

At least he is always happy to see Cindy. I bet deep down he is really excited he is swimming.
Then he sleeps really well on the drive home.

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