Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chile and Africa

There are very few times in my life I want cable, but this time during the rescue of the Chile miners would have been one of those times. It took everything I had not to stay up all night checking the computer. What an overwhelming survival story and rescue!

BUT...I had to go to sleep, because this morning I took my sister to the airport so she could depart for Africa! Interestingly enough, I have another sister leaving next week to tour London, Rome and Germany. Very exciting for both of them. :)

Anyway, my morning started by going to Starbucks to order "special" coffee. Only it wasn't for me, it was for my Africa bound sister (and thereby indirectly for me - I refer you to previous posts about road-trip with caffeine addicts.)

The baristas only know me as sugar and chocolate so the coffee was a surprise. Not to mention it is supposed to be a Grande Americano with one inch of steamed soy only then I am supposed to charm my way into the 4th shot that is just going to be thrown away. However I am not charming.

I agreed to pay for the 4th shot.

PS. "Special" coffee is a co-worker creation. Do you think if I had co-workers they would make me "special" coffee and bring it for me in the morning? Every morning?

As we all now know...I am not charming enough.

With coffee in hand, I made to to my sister's house only to see that Merlin, cat of the tempers, and selected the silence treatment as his coping strategy for the morning.
Anyone who has been on the receiving end of the silence treatment knows that it is better to be yelled at.

Merlin was laying it on thick. He dramatically refused to finish his wet food which I have no doubt he finished the second we locked the door.
Apparently no one traveling at SeaTac was on the same Chile rescue high I was about some grouchy people!

You will note the QFC bag in her left hand. It is loaded with cookies and zucchini bread. What I lack in charm I can make up in baking.
It really was exciting to see her off. She will be doing a safari and hiking Mount Kilimanjaro - talk about a major life experience!

As usual, the dogs had to be with me so I could make the trip efficient. You will notice the sister's reflection below Nim in the window.

Then we continued on so Rusty could have acupuncture! He sees Dr. Amy Ward at Northeast Veterinary Hospital and does as well as Rusty can. As you can see he is held in a stand by me. If you check out the staff photos and look at Dr. Ward you will see her doberman Aquila who is a cousin to Nim. I got to meet him and he is a really nice dog.

Currently it is Thursday, October 14, 2:36am in Tanzania and 1:36am in Amsterdam. I think Africa bound sister is set to be arriving in Amsterdam around 11am and then on to Tanzania around 8:20pm that same day. :)

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