Monday, October 25, 2010

Where are my sisters?

Good Monday morning...I know you are all eagerly awaiting the latest traveling sisters installment...only I don't have any new photos!

The Traveling Love Ghost should be in Rome by now. Right now, it is about 4:40pm, Monday, October 25 in Rome. I am hoping maybe later tonight to get some photos and word from her.

And Africa traveling sister? Well it is about 5:40pm, also Monday, October 25 in Tanzania and she is wishing she could check-in for her return trip home!

So yes, she summited! Summit day was technically Sunday morning; they started 11:30pm on Saturday night. She said it was incredibly hard, but she is glad she did it. It sounds like she had a great group and a wonderful crew, but it really was a tremendous push.

My nurse practitioner sister that we moved to Virginia will be interested to know that the altitude drugs served her well until summit day. She got hit pretty hard on the summit leg - but she made it and her entire group made it.

She says she is exhausted and took the hottest shower ever. I think she starts her travel home around 9:30pm on Tuesday (Tanzania time).

And in Merlin news? He ate the center out of the caregiver's math homework. We forgot to warn her about his paper fetish.

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  1. Traveling Love Ghost hasn't been able to get the internet to work in Rome, to her great frustration. It was very rainy Monday so they switched their schedule around. They will be going to Pompeii on Wednesday.