Friday, September 7, 2012

A Littler Serger Work

Yesterday I think it surprised just about everyone (myself included) in how warm it got around here. The mornings are so cold already that it is nice to have the day still heat up.

Yesterday was all about getting the inset into the front. The sew-a-long is nice because then I can read all the comments of people that also found the corner surprisingly difficult. Especially if you are not an expert clothing maker.

I am also not an expert at using a serger. In fact, every few years or so in which I turn it on for projects like this I kind of hold my breath that nothing breaks or goes horrible wrong. This fabric likes to fray so it is helping clean things up and hopefully stabilize.

The side seams and shoulders were a relief after the corner. Maybe the sleeves will go in today.

Have a great Friday and hopefully a really nice weekend. No rain or cool weather in the forecast out here so we will be outside for sure.


  1. It has been super hot and very humid here! No break in the heat! Your cats look so cozy up there! I admire how you can sew so well!!

    1. Good morning. Thank you...I really love sewing, but I am not the most "refined" sewer if that makes sense? There are people that have only being sewing like a year that never cease to amaze me.

      I hope the humidity is breaking a bit for you.

  2. I still love that pattern.
    Oh..those kitties are so sweet. Nothing like a kitty getting warmed by the sun (but two kitties, even better!)

    1. I know, I love when they are getting along and happy. The orange one (Emile) is doing a bit of bullying on Leela and that is the sources of my deposits outside the litter box. But generally they do well together.

      Thanks on the pattern. I am really back in love with it myself and wouldn't mind finishing before I leave town.