Saturday, September 1, 2012

Try To Embrace Fall

It is a sunny September 1st afternoon which is nice considering it was actually cold this morning.I am trying to remember the things about fall I like as opposed to the thing I don't like: its proximity to winter.

Yesterday I had no power all day so I started out early with the car loaded to be gone all day. This means I went to Pacific Fabric before the Labor Day Sale, but that is OK.

Orange sashing choice. I am just going to say it: this quilt pains me in its ugliness. :)

I bought enough to mix with 6 fat quarters I got years ago for another planned quilt.

The end of our very long Friday was Rally class. Nim is still recovering.

It was a great class however. It was just Nim, this really neat female doberman, and a terrier (which you can hear barking at one point in our video). The terrier was often working outside the ring at the same time Nim was working which was good distraction work for us.

This is our video from three runs last night. The first two are a beginning course, the last one advanced. Truth be told, unless you are my mom and learning Rally Obedience (or in my case trying to fix my handling) this will be painfully boring.

Things we are working on:
  • Tension on the lead. This is a no-no.
  • Changing my hand signal for heel side sit so it looks less like luring
  • Cuing the sit before I come to a complete stop (worked on run #3 - you probably can't see it, but it makes a huge difference).

Mom, that sign you are starting next week:

On the first two runs you will see us performing it. It happens in the 3rd corner to turn us back on ourselves so we can do one more sign before the spiral. You possibly can hear me say "around." He is going around me on the outside while I am turning into him.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. Looks great to me! This coming from someone who doesn't do agility and can't get one of her dogs to walk on a leash without doing zig zags.
    I have two friends on Facebook that do agility with their Dobermans. Interesting to watch, how the dogs keep such an intense eye on them. One of them goes through tunnels and other such things, and I can't even understand how she remembers the course, where to go next. Anyway, you can tell Nim enjoyed it so much.

    Okay, I have to ask. If the quilt is so ugly, why are you doing it?

    1. Ha! That is a great question. I am kind of invested in it now and it has a home in mind. I have also learned that often the quilts I don't love still come together acceptably in the end. These wouldn't be my fabric choices, but my hope is that someone loves them. :)

  2. I hate when the power goes out. Nim sure looks like he enjoys working for you in class. I love his sleepy cute.


    P.S. I haven't advertised my Etsy shop before now so that is why you didn't know.

    1. I was lucky I at least found out Thursday night, but it did have me scrambling to figure out the day. Nim really does and more and more I have to keep that in mind if I am too hard on him. He is still so "young." It is amazing what knocks him out. Because we were out all Friday it was a really long day for him in general with lots of new areas.

      Well I think your Etsy shop is great! I love seeing other bloggers get their work out there. It is some beautiful stuff.

  3. That quilt looks good to me! At least you can sew!! lol.. I don't like fall b/c it leads to winter either... I hate cold weather!!