Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gossypium Event and Sewing on a Downpour Day

I am about to sit in front of Downton Abbey season 3 and pull back an unbelievable amount of stitches.

Not all of the blocks failed...

Today Gossypium Quilt Shop in Issaquah's Gilman Village had a special event called the "Mad Lunch Lady." It was a total mystery and we had no idea what we were getting into.

The Mad Lunch Lady in her outfit:


Each of those bags holds "mystery" contents. In the spirit of her event, I am not going to photograph my bag contents but I can tell you that it had 7 cuts, each of a different fabric.The bag was sold for $30 and each month will start a new challenge.

It is a fun idea. I have until the close of business on the last Saturday of the month to turn in any project of my choosing using the contents of the bag. It doesn't have to even be a sewing project. I can add items to my creation, but I do have to use some of each item in the bag.

Between school, knitting, current quilts in progress and Nim I literally do not have time for another project. But this will not stop me from trying to participate.

Stay tuned... to Downton and seam ripping.


  1. That mad lunch lady is funny. Do you get a prize if you complete the project or is there some sort of contest? Sorry to hear you have to do some ripping, but as you know it happens to the best of us.


    1. I know. I thought of you with you last quilt. :)

      I left that part out! There will be categories and judging! Apparently prizes as well, they weren't specific about what they were. It really is a great idea from a community building perspective too.