Sunday, January 1, 2012

16 Blocks

After 11pm and I am still up and sewing. I was supposed to be asleep by now in preparation for long day of toilet repair. :)

This is an addictive process.

It was absolutely the right decision to get out of the experiment layout step quickly and move onto the block instructions. As you can see, the planned block looks much better than what I created and now are on my blog as a constant reminder. I wish I was better at such things, but clearly that is not my strength. It was a great exercise though and probably if I hadn't been playing catch up I would have spent more time on it. :)

I made the mistake of clicking the next step just now which is also the final assembly step. It is a good thing I can tell it will be involved and I really should stop for the night unless I plan on being up all night. I know I have to be up early and having things in order for tomorrow.

After 8pm Nim took to spreading out across my walking paths between the machine, the table, and the ironing board in hopes it would crush my motivation. :)

So quiet right now, I think everyone is sleeping. I sent a "text" (which for me is an e-mail to a phone) to the one sister that might be up...

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