Monday, January 9, 2012

Outstanding Projects and Sunrise

After homework and work work I finally got down to two high priorities:

1. Identify my quilts in progress (notice I am not adding knitting projects as well)
2. Find information on when the sunrise is going to start to come earlier before I absolutely lose it. :)

Projects located so far:

Baby quilt
(Pictured above). It was started about 3 years ago? I no longer have contact with the family who has long since had their son. This will become a donation quilt. :) This quilt as been well hidden (so well that it took me awhile to find all the parts of it) after Nim ate three of the straight pins from it last year, resulting in a frantic vet phone call right when I was supposed to sit down and complete a final online.

Charity quilt
I found another donation quilt from a quilt group I am no longer a part of. I can still finish it and give it to them however.

Quilt needing quilting
And of course there is the "At Home in the Woods" massive quilting project. I know exactly where it is because it is huge. I didn't even open the cabinet to look at it.

These were the immediate outstanding projects I could find. The Mystery Quilt is waiting for Pacific Fabric's usual holiday weekend sales. They probably have one coming for Martin Luther or President's Day.

Now the important sunrise matters:
Sunrise and Sunset in Seattle
Am I reading this correctly?! As of this morning are the sunrises starting to come earlier?! This just lifted my spirits.

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