Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fabric 3 (peach) and Fabric 6 (green)

I will attempt to recreate this blog post...was just about to post and lost power!

The first instruction for the Mystery Quilt is matching fabric to create half square triangles.

My mom and I had taken a sampler quilting class from Mo at the Issaquah Pacific Fabric (now closed) and Mo had recommended the above plastic tool rather than using a pencil and she had also taught us how to do the chain method.

Mo now operates out her own studio on the Sammamish Plateau: Quilt With Mo.

Fabric 3 is the peach with floral prints. It was initially purchased to make a skirt. I am hopeful this quilt will really showcase it well. :) Fabric 6 is a nice deep green.

I did a good job wearing Nim out this morning. He is cooperating nicely. However, when the power went out he thought we were done for the day.

It is so windy right now. I am going to hit post and edit as needed!

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