Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mystery Quilt 2012 Top Completed

I completed the top!

It was the final stretch of toilet repair which pretty much left me in my office from 8am - 5pm. I did a big job work marathon yesterday, so today was a chunk of homework and finally back to sewing. And I was highly productive in both.

I totally like how this turned out. In a way this quilt really isn't my normal style and yet it is all fabric I really like! Definitely something I really enjoyed about the Mystery Quilt process is that I feel like it pushed me a bit out of my normal comfort zone.

It will probably be a bit before I get it finally sandwiched and quilted but it is great to have the top done. I am thinking about using the peach fabric for the final binding but I am still thinking about it.

Nim is driving me absolutely nuts. This may be a bad sign that he is so restless already this early in the quarter. He hasn't really dealt with one of my heavy sewing stints though either. He has been trapped in the office all day. But by the time the repair work was done it was dark and starting to rain.