Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still No Water

The source of my water problems is probably the above fir. It is actually really close to the well house and over the years has grown a nice root system. Then that system was frozen and rocked with all the heavy wind.

This has been harder on me than the septic failure so think good thoughts that things will finally be running tomorrow.

Another excavator will be arriving in the morning to dig a new trench for new piping. The dirt path in the above photos is from the septic project. You can imagine between heavy snow and heavy rain what my mud situation is like right now.

I have been warned that tomorrow is going to make a much worse mess.

This is one of the holes dug (under another tree that fell in a previous storm) in an attempt to isolate the leak.

I didn't want this alder anyway. But why couldn't it have fallen the other direction?

Today I finished the baby quilt. The backing is just beautiful. This is one of those quilts in which you like the back as much as the front.

I quilted with a nice red thread as well. A friend of mine is making her granddaughter a Valentine's Day quilt and I think it got me into the red spirit!

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