Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowed In

So I admit I am struggling with the weather today. It is really really cold and while the snow wasn't anywhere as heavy as it was supposed to be it is still enough to continue to keep travel difficult (not worth it).

One of my sisters sent me this really cute photo of herself out and about in the Bellevue area (she has really close walkable store options). Notice she is wearing the pink scarf I knitted her! She was nice enough to let me post the photo so we can take a break from my dogs, the elk, and the yard. :)

We (sisters and mom) are all snowed in our respective houses and none of us close enough to each other to walk and hang out - limiting us to IM and e-mail. But at least it is still fun contact while so isolated.

This sister is in school like me, although much harder course load, and keeps me inspired to work hard on my homework which just feels like a bear this quarter. Occasionally we IM to check each other's progress which helps keep both of us accountable.

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