Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Too many days truly stuck at home are presenting some challenges. Even doing the best I can to get the dogs out around the yard is simply not enough. Rusty just plain can't walk in it either and has become quite the grouch to be around.

Nim has taken to staring at me and invading my space. We are facing the fact that we are probably not leaving the house tomorrow either.

The positives:
  • HUGE homework progress - these have been challenging chapters.
  • The fact that my power loss was VERY short today and believe me, power loss is way worse than being stuck at home.
  • Time to do some knitting and sewing.
I almost have all the borders on this charity quilt. You would think I would be further along but this was another heavy homework day. There is also a strange sense of time and scheduling when your normal routine is off. My normal chores and dog activities feel more involved and slow because of dealing with the conditions outside.

Another positive: we all know that soon it will melt. :)

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