Monday, February 13, 2012

Chocolate Bar Pie

The moment I unwrapped and sampled the Rescue Chocolate Peanut Butter Pit Bull bar I knew I had to quickly start making my planned dessert or eat the entire bar and head out to the store. Stated that way - I really couldn't lose could I?

It is pretty amazing that this small company is able to do so much good and with a nice quality (and vegan) chocolate. I keep finding all these really neat small businesses or causes and I am so inspired by them. It reminds me to be open to all creative options to succeed in life.

This is the first bar I have tried by this company and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't overly sweet at all and peanut butter/chocolate is one of my top flavor combinations.

The recipe I am following is from Chocolate-Covered Katie's blog and it is the Chocolate Bar Pie recipe. I love her blog (talk about another inspiration). I love that she her job is blogging about her creations and that she tries to devote each day to making new recipes. Can you imagine?!

I did 3, 15 second microwave sessions to get that level of melt. It might not seem melted, but trust me, the second it was poured into the mixture it was clearly melted enough.

I used Mori-nu silken-firm tofu. I put in all three chocolate bars (minus my "samples"). These are slightly smaller weight bars than the ones Katie uses in her recipe. I don't think it is an exact science anyway.

My non-dairy milk choice was almond milk (my new current favorite - why did I wait so long to try it?!). I didn't add any sugar. I would definitely recommend anyone making it sampling before adding sugar. I could see someone finding mine not sweet enough, but it was perfect for me.

I used a pie dish but my big plans is to heat berries from my Costco frozen berry mix and eat them with this pie so I really don't care if it sets up like pie or stays more like a mousse. Not only that, it taste amazing already and I am the one eating it regardless of its form.

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