Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Day of Odd Projects

This morning we got out in the "sun." It wasn't raining, it was bright, it was also freezing.

Still, Nim had a great time and got to enjoy his toy.

Once I got home, I realized I was so tired that I needed to scrap my day of homework (that will be tomorrow) and work on whatever projects I could get done that would keep me awake. It was that or take way too long of a nap.

Projects included finishing the body of the sweater.

I then tried it on and hated how it laid. Faced with the knowledge I would never wear it...

...I then occupied my time pulling the entire project.

Fortunately I have a sock project from at least 2 years ago that I haven't touched. Hopefully I will remember how to do it.

This quilt was a charity kit from the Snoqualmie Valley Quilters. I don't even know if they are active anymore. I completed the top today and maybe work on completing it this week. We will see - it is a heavy homework week.

Meanwhile Nim did the sleeping for both of us...

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