Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Clearly my indulging started yesterday, but I did want to make pancakes for Fat Tuesday. I am truly surprised how much I liked these as I am not a huge pancake person. This is the Chocolate-Covered Katie Snickerdoodle Pancakes and I can't wait to try her other ones.

I did whole wheat flour ( my favorite for pancakes) and only a tsp of the sugar which is perfect for me but I promise they are not sweet. I tried powdered sugar on the top but honestly enjoyed them without. It is a really pleasant and mild cinnamon/wheat flavor. I think if you went all out with the sugar it could be quite a dessert but I personally prefer them this way.

I enjoy Lent and the Easter season despite not being a particularly good Catholic. Easter always makes me think of my Grammy Mary.

After massively failing Lent last year I think I am ready to try again this year. I am not really under any less stress than last year but this year I think I am more able to gain from the focus of Lent. It isn't like I haven't had a slip during Lent season most years, but last year was a catastrophic failures in all areas...I gave up very quickly.

This year I am considering giving up peanut butter which is going to be exceptionally hard and I have never tried that one before. I will probably give up chocolate as well (I do that most years).

A couple of years ago I planned each Friday of Lent to learning a bit about a new non-profit/cause/rescue which I totally enjoyed and I will do that again this year and try and post them. And as usual I will challenge myself on a few thoughts I want to change.

I also hope to finish two charity blankets I have in the works towards giving.

Enjoy Fat Tuesday! I hope you are out there indulging!


  1. Stopped by your blog to say hi too--I think your thoughts on Lent this year are great!!

  2. Thanks! I am really enjoying this Lent season. I think I am learning a lot and changing some long held ideas of what Lent should involve.