Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Chocolate Shoebox

Nim and I started our day with a trip to the Arboretum. I left rain in North Bend, but fortunately Seattle was holding out. Just overcast.
My training friends were pretty quiet when they saw Nim's bandanna. Then finally a friend of mine commented that she just didn't see me as the dog bandanna sort...nevermind a Valentine's Day one. :)

I may be sick of all the radio ads for flowers and jewelry, but I am not sick of the Bow-Wow! Bandanna.
After training, Nim and I headed to The Chocolate Shoebox which was having a vegan Valentine's bake sale to benefit Precious Life Animal Sanctuary and Action for Animals. I had never been in the store before. Absolutely not my style or budget as far as shoes go, but super nice people and a really enjoyable little shop.

I bought Nim Hank's Peanut Butter and Yam Biscuits and bought myself a Raspberry Ginger Valentine Scone. The scone was very good and satisfied my current ginger fascination.

In the above photo you will a frosted heart-shaped dog treat. That is one of three I bought at Earth Pet on Friday. I decided that he will get one today, one tomorrow and one on Valentine's. :)

I also bought the very important Rescue Chocolate: Peanut Butter Pit Bull bars. Reading about these chocolate bars actually is what really made the decision to visit The Chocolate Shoebox (even more than the bake sale - shocking I know). I have a special dessert planned for tomorrow and high hopes that this chocolate will do. Stay tuned...
Nim and I enjoyed our Valentine's day treats on the spot. :) I had all these aspirations of sitting outside and maybe taking him for a walk but honestly I was pretty cold and worn out from the morning in the Arboretum and more than happy just to sit.
Nice drool. I think Nim was content to sit as well. :)

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