Monday, February 20, 2012

Cleaning and Cookies

So despite waking up to a dusting of snow this morning I still got out to Pacific Fabrics in Bellevue (gosh I miss the Issaquah store) for their President's Day sale. The fabric I purchased I almost didn't want to post on the blog because it is a questionable backing choice for my New Year's Day Mystery Quilt. But I figure it is going to come out sooner or later.

If I had been able to figure out how to make "Home To Roost Pink Sheep" fabric work that would be featured right now.

The quilt just didn't want to be matched with a nice sensible darker fabric...or perhaps it was just me in this lame weather that didn't want a darker fabric...

Later in the day, as I was eating straight peanut butter and chocolate chips (bag and jar side by side), I realized I was in serious need of dessert. I have two desserts right now that I really want to make off the Chocolate-Covered Katie site and didn't make either of them today during this dessert emergency (both are more involved, but I hope to make them soon).

So I put on my standby baking movie "The Fifth Element" and got to work.

I made the Flourless Oatmeal Raisin cookies Katie posted today only I used chocolate chips, vanilla, and peanut butter so they were more the flourless chocolate chip cookies instead. I didn't need to add the additional white sugar, the brown sugar was enough.

Basically the oats are ground down to make a flour. I have no need/desire to eliminate flour from my diet, but this worked well.

Really, I like that she is full of recipes that are smaller serving or "single lady" style. Better for a girl on her own. :)

Because I used peanut butter for my fat rather than oil or margarine I did realize part way in I needed to pat them down in baking. They baked up fast and as you can see I already ate one. I would have probably eaten them all had I not already been eating my weight in peanut butter earlier. :)

I am making the berry vegan scones again tonight that I made Christmas Eve so I should be well stocked for a few days.

During my baking Nim worked on a peanut butter kong.

And both Leela and Nim surveyed my curtain cleaning mess.

I have been catching every single cold that I have crossed and I have decided super cleaning is in order to see if that helps.

It was hard to be in Pacific Fabric today and hear some really terrible coughs out there. Not sure if the cleaning can compete with that or not.

Emile never likes my cleaning frenzies.

Leela just wanted me to stop watching her...

So that Nim will come and play.

Please let more light and longer/warmer days come soon...


  1. It is really beautiful. I think that is why I was sure I could make it work somehow. :)